Free Harry Potter Lego Board Game download

To entice visitors to our site, we created a board game that you can download, print and play with the help of one dice (die) and a few Lego figures you already own (which can be substituted with any game marker you have). The game features the Harry Potter Lego sets and is designed as a cooperative game, where multiple players race against Voldemort to make it to the Sorcerer's Stone.
The game is very short but very fun, and is easy to learn. It is in PDF format, and you will need a printer (4 pages), scissors, and tape.
Here are instructions (which are included on the board for easy access).

How to play Harry Potter Lego Sorceror's Stone

This is a cooperative game, so all players are playing together against Voldemort.

Each player selects a Lego figure they own (or use a button, or other small object which is unique for each player). Lego figures stay up better if they are mounted on a 2x2 lego


Use one dice


One figure is designated Voldemort (he is not a player)


All players (including Voldemort) start at Privet Drive.


On each roll, the player moves the number which shows on the roll, except when 6 comes up, Voldemort is moved 6 places.


If any player lands on Voldemort's disc, Voldemort goes back 2 spaces. If Voldemort lands on your disc, you go back to the start. Since this is a collaborative game, any player can give the value of their roll to someone else (to further the other person or to force Voldemort back)


If anyone makes it to the Sorcerer's Stone before Voldemort, everyone wins!


If Voldemort makes it to the end, watch out! He will have the Sorcerer's Stone!
Download Lego Harry Potter Free Board game